Question: Don’t you need each person name and birth date, photos, bits of hair, fingernail
clippings, the underwear I wore last Thursday, etc? Don’t you want me to describe my situation?
Answer: NO! The MORE information a spell caster asks for, the LESS ability they have. They
NEED this information to make up for their LACK of ability.

That’s like telling the electric company that you don’t understand how they can possibly get the
electricity in your house to work without a list of everyone who lives in your house, a list of every
electrical appliance you own, and your entire life’s history. Would you prevent them from turning
on the electricity to your house because you don’t understand how the electricity is generated or
how they get that electricity all the way over to your house without a list of information YOU think
they should have?

Just because you don’t understand how it works, does NOT prevent it from working. To fully
understand how electricity works would take years of study. To someone with no knowledge or
understanding of electricity, when the electric company flips a switch and the lights
“miraculously” come on in their house, it seems like magic! Your lack of knowledge and
understanding does NOT prevent electricity from working in your house, or change how it works
in any way. The electric company does not need a list of everyone who lives in your house in
order to make the electricity work. They do not need a list of every electrical appliance you own,
they don’t need your life’s history. The only information they need is your name and address.

To fully understand how spells work would also take years of study. Whether or not you choose
to invest those years in gaining understanding will in no way affect how it works. I HAVE invested
those years. I DO have the knowledge and understanding of how spells work. That is why people
pay me to cast spells for them.

One of the things that makes my spells so effective, is my ability to clearly focus on the positive
outcome you are looking for. If you send me information describing the negative details of your
current situation, then what I see is how things ARE, not how you WANT them to be. If you send
me the negative details of your situation, your payment will be refunded and your spell(s) will not
be cast. If you send me the negative details of your situation after your spells have already been
cast, your payment will be refunded and your spells will be reversed. The only information I need
is your first and last name and your physical address to ensure the spells energies are directed
correctly. I fully trust Universal Forces to know exactly who you are, where you are, what your
situation is, who else is involved, and exactly what is needed in order to get the most constructive

Question: If you don’t want people sending you a bunch of information regarding their situation,
then what is the “Note” section for?
Answer: There are many situations in which the “Note” section comes in handy. A few examples:
when someone places an order using their business credit card they can use the “Note” section
to give me their name, when someone places an order for two or more spells for someone else
(with their permission) they can use the “Note” section to let me know which spells are for which
person, when someone has placed an order shortly after moving using a credit card that has not
yet had the address updated they can use the “Note” section to give me the correct address, etc.

Question: One spell caster charges $250 and another one charges $1000, why are your spells
so inexpensive?
Answer: Charging more money does not mean better spells or better results! I am not greedy, I
am here to help people, not to take advantage of them.

Question: How effective are your spells?
Answer: Most of my business comes from repeat clients who were happy with their results, word
of mouth, and referrals, so I will let you be the judge of that.

Question: How long does it take for a spell to work?
Answer: The choices you make and the actions you take help to contribute to the success (or
lack of success) of your goal. Although magick immediately impacts the person or area the
spell(s) are cast on, tangible results can take anywhere from a few days to several months
depending on your particular circumstances. There are many factors that can affect the timing
and outcome or your spellwork. Since I do not exercise any control over you either before, during
or after the spell casting process, the kind of results achieved, and when they will be achieved,
can, to a large degree, depend on you! Be sure to make choices and take actions that are
consistent with your goal, in other words; if you order a spell to do well on exams in school, don’t
skip every class, party every week-end and expect all A’s at the end of term. A spell will not make
up for your poor choices and actions!

Question: Is there anything I can do to ensure even better results?
Answer: Yes! Your thoughts, feelings and expectations have a large effect on your results. In
order to help you align your thoughts, feelings and expectations along with your desired
outcome, I offer FREE videos to help you achieve the best results.  These videos were
specifically created to work along with the spells offered on this site. I also suggest you make a
Magic of Music CD. Instructions can be found HERE. I also offer many free and helpful Articles
written to help you achieve the best results possible.

Question: Do you have any spells for the Lottery or gambling?
Answer: No, I do not offer any gambling spells. When you win money gambling, every dollar you
win is a dollar (plus the hopes and dreams that dollar symbolizes) that someone else lost. That
is some VERY heavy, negative karma to take on. In order to protect my clients from this very
negative karma, I do not offer gambling spells of any kind.

Question: Why haven’t I received a confirmation email letting me know when my spell(s) will be
Answer: A confirmation email is sent to everyone who places an order. If you have not received a
confirmation email there is a good chance that your email client is blocking it. Please check your
spam folder and be sure to mark the email address
spells at as safe to ensure you receive your confirmation email.

Question: Are your spells safe? Will I incur any negative karma if I have you cast a spell for me?
Answer: All of the spells offered on this site are completely safe and will not incur any negative
karma for anyone. Maria is mindful of the laws of karma. She would never do anything to
cause negative karma for herself or her clients. Her spellwork will not violate anyone’s free will,
or cause anyone harm.

Question: How long will the effects of a spell last?
Answer: Most spells are permanent. However, let’s say you have a fight with your girlfriend and
you order the spell “Making Up” to help with that situation. Here is a case of ordering a specific
spell to help with a specific situation with a specific person. If you then have an argument with a
neighbor a week later, the original spell will not help with the argument with your neighbor,
because it was ordered to help with a different situation that happened with a different person.

Question: Shouldn’t each spell be cast during a certain moon phase?
Answer: The journey of learning something new often includes first trying to “learn the rules” of
whatever you’re learning. The next step is to practice and understand those “rules”. The step after
that is usually understanding to what degree you need to adhere to those “rules” in order to get
the results you want, and to what extent you can bend them, and finally whether you really need
them at all. It’s perfectly normal and natural for you to go through these steps and stages of inner
growth. I have already been through these steps and stages. This is why I can do what I do for a
living, and help other people in the process regardless of the Moon’s phase.

What works great for one person will not necessarily work great for everyone. Each and every
person is a different and unique individual and needs to learn for themselves what works best
for them. Many people think there is a “right” and “wrong” way of doing something. The truth is,
that the only thing that determines if it’s “right” or not, is whether or not it works for them, if it gets
them the results they are looking for. And, what works for one person will not necessarily work for
everyone. I do what works for me. I am not going to change that just because someone else
thinks my way of doing things doesn’t fit their “rules.” I will continue to do things in the way that
gets me and my clients the best results. After all, good results is what we are really after, isn’t it?

Question: Do I need to renew my spell, and if so, how often?
Answer: As already stated, most spells are permanent. However, the answer really depends on
you, your particular circumstances, how complex the situation is, and how long it has been going
on. Some spells (for example Making Up), are meant to work for a specific situation with a
specific person. If you have a misunderstanding with your boyfriend and order the spell Making
Up for that situation with that person, the spell is not going to help with an argument you have
with your boss a week later. Other spells (for example Aura Cleansing), tend to dissipate over
time due to life’s changing circumstances. After having the spell Aura Cleansing cast, over time
as you deal with each day and the people in it, the aura tends to cloud and muddy, especially if
there are several negative people that you have to deal with. As you come across negative
people and have to deal with negative circumstances, some of that negative energy is going to
rub off onto you and stick to your aura.

Question: If I have a PO Box and you don’t have my physical address, how will the spell get to me
if I don’t send you a bunch of information?
Answer: When you make a payment, using your credit card, you are using a card that has been
issued to you and no one else. That card is connected to you and no one else. Plus, when you
get a PO Box the Postal Service requires you to provide your physical address information. In this
way your PO Box is connected to your physical address. This means that Universal Forces now
have two connections to your energy, at your location, not anyone else’s. I fully trust Universal
Forces to know exactly who you are, where you are, what your situation is, who else is involved,
and exactly what is needed in order to get the most constructive results.

Question: Do you offer a guarantee?
Answer: No. People who offer guarantees are implying they can control God, and I am simply not
that arrogant. If you are not happy with your results, please do NOT lie to your credit card
company by saying you didn’t place the order. That will only bring you negative karma. I would
much rather give you a refund, than have you incur negative karma.

Question: Who will know I had you cast a spell for me?
Answer: You and I, and PayPal, that’s it! Unless you decide to share that information with others.
I will not share that information with anyone else. And even if you showed your credit card
statement to another person, the charges for the spell will show up as “Capital Publishing” which you
could easily explain in any way you felt was best to anyone else who sees the statement. For
more information read the Privacy Policy HERE.

Question: What if I change my mind, can my spell be reversed?
Answer: I realize that sometimes circumstances and desires change. Sometimes people think
they want a certain thing, then once they get it, they discover it wasn’t what they REALLY wanted
after all. I want you to be happy with your results. I will gladly reverse any spell for free.

Your spells really DO work! Thanks to you, we BOTH found our soul mate! Love, J.B. & D. M.
Wow! You're the best!!! I got the job! Now I'm making twice as much as I was before!!! Patrick
  • I am now a true believer! You cast the money-spell for me and I was winning 'the numbers' almost every week for at least $300.00 or more, your spell is worth $1,000's to me!! It seems like a miracle. - Dave S
    it took marias love spell only a few days to attract this guy at work whi i'd fancied for ages. I could feel the effects, we're happy together and alls going great. thank you!! - Debbie
    Maria you made my love to come back and we are now happy again, he loves me more than ever! The other girl (ex gf) finally dissapeard. - Terri P
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