About Me

Because Maria feels there is some truth in all religions, she refers to herself as All-
Denominational, and does not follow ANY particular religion. She is on her own path,
following her own inner truth. Seeing things from the perspective that there is an intelligent
Life Force Energy present in all things and in all people. She sees this Energy as All-
Knowing, All-Loving, and All-Powerful, always surrounding and infiltrating all that is, ready to
help in any way it is needed.

When we speak to this All-Knowing, Loving Universal Energy and make a request, some
people call this prayer, others call it casting spells. White magic is specifically used to help
oneself and to help others. People often ask, “Doesn’t casting spells involve devil worship,
and making potions in cauldrons using animal body parts, toenail clippings, and other
detesting things? Only in Hollywood! Oh, there may be some people who burn candles or
incense, not to raise the dead or call forth spirits, but to aid in concentration and focus their
thoughts. The truth is that people who practice White Magic do not believe in the devil. They
believe there is One All-Knowing Spiritual Energy at our disposal, ready to help us when we
ask for it.

So why do some people call it magic then? When someone knows just how to ask for
something in order to get the desired results, others do see it as magic. After all, when they
ask, they don’t get those results. Does that mean that people who do get good results are
somehow special, or have some kind of special power? No. It simply means that they have
learned how to focus the energy of their thoughts, and make requests in a way that this
Universal Energy can understand and respond to in the way desired.

This Energy is known by many names all around the world. Changing the name, does not
change the Energy. All religions believe in Prayer in one form or another. Great teachers over
the millenniums have said and taught similar concepts. We all have the power to change our
lives in wonderful and positive ways, it’s just a matter of learning to use that power to create
what we do want instead of what we don’t want.

There are times in everyone’s lives when they feel they need some extra help in achieving
positive changes. There are times when people feel beaten down and weakened by other
people, circumstances, or just life; times when they feel so defeated they don’t have the
strength to help themselves; times when they need the extra help of a caring, compassionate
and understanding person. When things have spiraled down long enough and far enough,
people often feel helpless and powerless. They need the extra help only a caring and
experienced spell caster can bring. Reverend Pamela M. Joy is here to help you bring about
positive, constructive changes in your life.

Your spells really DO work! Thanks to you, we BOTH found our soul mate! Love, J.B. & D. M.
Wow! You're the best!!! I got the job! Now I'm making twice as much as I was before!!! Patrick
  • I am now a true believer! You cast the money-spell for me and I was winning 'the numbers' almost every week for at least $300.00 or more, your spell is worth $1,000's to me!! It seems like a miracle. - Dave S
    it took marias love spell only a few days to attract this guy at work whi i'd fancied for ages. I could feel the effects and...wow, we're happy together and alls going great. thank you!! - Debbie
    Maria you made my love to come back and we are now happy again, he loves me more than ever! The other girl (ex gf) finally dissapeard. - Terri P
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